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The moment you contact Swiss America, our team of trained professionals stand ready to serve you. Everyone at Swiss America, from our account executives to our support staff, plays a vital role in ensuring your Swiss America experience is a pleasant one.

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America's Dollar Ponzi Scheme, Why It Will Collapse, Hyperinflation and Why Governments Suppress Gold Price and Lie About Real Rate of Inflation
09 April 2022
Michael Weiner on Nixon Closing The Gold Window in 1971, The Coming Collapse of the U.S. Dollar and Rise of Digital Currency and Control
19 March 2022
The seven F’s being used to collapse America an usher in the great reset
10 February 2022
Crashing U.S. Dollar With Modern Monetary Theory, End of Privacy With Digital Currency, Coming Global Reset And China, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Ted Turner Buy Up Huge Amounts of U.S. Farm Land
18 January 2022
The Great Reset: Global fascism and the attack on privacy, property, and people that do not apply
18 January 2022
Connection between saudi arabia, Petro dollar, and the coming crash of the U.S. dollar
18 January 2022
Kevin Freeman on the economic war that china and russia have declared on the american dollar, stock market and economy
18 January 2022
Mike Adams on Cyber-Attack and Global Financial Collapse Simulation By World Bank, BIS and IMF and 2022 Predictions
30 December 2021
Mike Adams on Covid Shot Depopulation Plan, Manufactured Food Crisis and Planned Collapse of the U.S. Dollar and How to Prepare
30 December 2021